The Best Cloud Computing Apps

Cloud computing has transformed the way we do everything. From business to pleasure, the ‘anytime, anywhere’ availability of these apps makes sharing, collaborating and staying on top of things simple, providing everyone with the sophisticated technology that used to be beyond the reach of the Ordinary Joe.

If you haven’t embraced the cloud, check out this cloud computing guide to get up to date with the benefits the cloud has to offer. If you’re already cloud crazy, make sure to make the most of its capabilities with some of these invaluable cloud computing apps.


Dropbox is cloud storage at its most simple. It allows you to keep all of your important documents in one place so that you can access them from any device, anywhere. You can share files with selected people or groups which makes it fantastic for editing projects collaboratively or just showing off your latest baby pictures. Storage, safety and collaboration are the key benefits of Dropbox.


Evernote is simple to use and free, and makes it easy for you to stay organized no matter what device you’re using. It has tons of great features, such as a web clipper, which allows you to save entire web pages to your Evernote account. It’s great for keeping absolutely everything you need in one place (notes, files, images etc.).

Google Drive

Google Drive is a first-class cloud storage option. It integrates with Google Apps so that Google Apps Business customers can centrally administer their employees’ Google Drive Accounts. If you add Syncdocs to Google Drive, you can get scheduled Google Drive backups, great syncing features and offline access to all of your content. Again, this is great for collaborating with colleagues and suits businesses of any size.


Zendesk is a customer service management app for small businesses. It simplifies workflow with great tools such as custom automatic actions, that allows you to complete tasks, flag important issues and send notifications with one click. By using cloud based storage, Zendesk provides teams with an all-encompassing view of customers and their issues that is always up to date. For any business that is looking to improve their customer service, Zendesk is a must.


Mint is perfect for those that want up-to-the-second financial information, especially helpful if you need to know if that check finally cleared. It organizes all of your spending into categories and shows you where your money really goes in easy-to-read charts. It is read-only, however, so purely for keeping tabs on your finances rather than fiddling with them. If all you’re doing is trying to get a handle on your finances (and get saving, perhaps) then Mint is the app for you.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk revolutionizes the to-do list. It helps you manage tasks whilst reminding you of every appointment you ever forgot, via email, instant message or SMS. It’s a great app for those who find it difficult to plan their time, by showing you what’s due when, what you need to prioritize, and how much time you’ve got spare.

These are just a few of the growing number of powerful cloud apps available. The rise of the cloud's popularity means that more and more apps and tools will become available as time goes on, so if you're interested in a particular cloud app, if it's not available now, it will likely be soon.

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Just downloaded the Google Drive App - handy. I will use it more than Dropbox. I have so many friends who use Evernote, but I never take the time to download it and take it for a spin.


Nice as it might be, is "Remember the Milk" one of the all time great cloud applications? If I dare to make a suggestion that Dropbox/Google Drive & Evernote are very similar. Also quite a few areas left uncovered. I'm thinking music (Spotify/iTunes match), Video (Netflix, Amazon), workflow (37 signals, Podio), enterprise social (yammer).


I currently use Google Drive, DropBox, and Evernote from this list. I also use Box, Just Cloud, and A Drive as well for data storage. I will check out the others on the list as well. Thanks for sharing.


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