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LinkedIn is now arguably one of the most important social networks to be a part of, particularly if you are a part of the professional world. LinkedIn allows professionals from all over the world and nearly every industry to connect. Both those who are seeking jobs and those who are looking to hire new employees can take advantage of LinkedIn. The network has grown exponentially in the past few years, and now has millions of users and can compete with the other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Your LinkedIn profile is a bit more in-depth than other social media networks that you might participate in. While on Facebook, you might scrape the surface when it comes to your employment history and education, LinkedIn delves much further into your professional background. The site offers space for you to write a summary about yourself and your experience and interests. It also showcases your job skills, community service work, and continuing education.

May13_Post 2LinkedIn is becoming a requirement when it comes to employment. Some companies have even shifted their hiring focus to the site. There are also many ways to be interactive on LinkedIn. You can join LinkedIn groups that are related to your profession. You can share articles with colleagues or on your page. You can endorse the skills of others, or write recommendations for people that you have worked with, and they can do the same for you.

LinkedIn has also recently added a new feature. You are now able to add photos and other multi-media content to your profile page. This is a great addition to a well-rounded page. The goal of using LinkedIn is to make yourself look attractive (so to speak) in the professional world. Adding photos can be a great way to do this. Photos of yourself in a professional situation or volunteering can show your personality to potential employers or connections. The same goes for posting content that is related to hobbies. Many employers would prefer a well-rounded employee who enjoys activities outside of work, as well. Posting photos and multi-media content is a good way to add to your appeal.

As always, it’s important to keep your LinkedIn page professional. While it may seem silly to address professionalism when it comes to a network that is based on your work and accomplishments, you would be surprised with what people include on their pages! Just be careful to only add content and media that is relevant to the content that you have posted on your LinkedIn page.  If you’re not sure if the content you’re adding to your page is okay or not, read the 12 most wrong things to do on LinkedIn and make sure you’re not doing any of them.

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