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So you’ve decided to start a website for your business. You hire a designer, design a great looking site. You find a reputable company to host your site. You get a great URL. You go live with your site. So why isn’t your awesome website getting any traffic?

Usually the answer is simple; people can’t find you! Just because your site is out there on the web doesn’t mean that it is easy to find and will show up in search results immediately. Sure, your friends, family and colleagues may read your site, but you’ll need more traffic than that to get notices.

That’s where SEO comes in. The idea is that you want to use specific words and content that is related to your site in order to get Google (and other search engines) to “crawl” your site.

Here are a few easy ways that you can get more views on your new website:

Link to other sites that have your name – add links and information from your personal social media sites. You can also link to anywhere else on the web that you have been published

Add keywords – think of a few keywords that relate to your site. Ideally, when people search for these keywords on the web, your site will show in the search engine rankings. You can also find out what keywords generate the most hits for your site by utilizing a service such as Google Analytics to see where people are coming to your site from.

Add links – link-sharing with other websites or blogs is a great way to drive traffic to your site. However, the links must absolutely be relevant to your site and your content in order to improve your search engine ranking.

Jun13_Post 2Author a blog – writing a blog on your website can help your search engine ranking as well. The more quality content you have, the better your site will rank. A blog is a great medium in which to accomplish this.

The bottom line is to make sure you stick with the ethics of SEO and content marketing when getting the search engines to crawl your site.  You don’t want to get penalized for all your efforts.

These tips are just a great way to get started if you have no idea where to begin when it comes to getting more traffic to your new website, whether it is business or personal!

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Hey, Very nice informative article, I really enjoyed and got something new about SEO, so thank you very much for sharing this article with us.


its good article for beginners


hey megan these are not simple these are amongst the best way to get more from your social media campaign


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