Can Small Business Owners Do It All?

I think that most of the time when a small business comes to mind, we think of people who are a one man band, so to speak. Many small businesses are a sole proprietorship or have just a very few employees. Small businesses also typically come with smaller budgets and more time requirements. In order to get a small business off the ground, most people work tirelessly with very little pay in order to start seeing success.

So it’s no wonder that we see quite a few small business owners who struggle with burn-out. Who wouldn’t be exhausted if they had to dedicate every waking hour to their business? Here are some ways that small business owners can avoid feeling run down:

Ask for help – we can’t all be a one man (or woman) show. Even if you are a sole proprietor, you can still ask for help from those around you. Consider finding others who are in a similar industry and talk to them about how they do it. Find a mentor who can help to support you in your goals. Talk to friends and family about the everyday workings and frustrations of your business. Sometimes even just getting things off your chest can be a big help.

Jul13_Post 3Take a break – work a few breaks into your daily schedule. If there’s no end in sight, you are more likely to procrastinate or waste time. A few well-timed breaks can help to segment your day and help you to be more productive. In addition to daily breaks, consider taking a vacation! Leaving your business in capable hands and unwinding for a few days can really help you to re-focus. Small business owners are often guilty of feeling like they have to do it all themselves. This is a surefire way to burn out very quickly.

Find your focus – often small business owners can be spread very, very thin. If you are the only employee that you have, you’re forced to be a jack of all trades. Make a point to pick a few things to focus on in order to be more efficient. For example, focus your efforts on a few major social networks rather than all of them. By doing this you can avoid the big mistakes that many small businesses make.

Do something you enjoy – find time to incorporate things that you like to do into your everyday routine. Do you like to work out? Travel? Build in time to do things that you like and you will absolutely reap the benefits. Even something as simple as going out to lunch with a friend once a week can make a big difference in your attitude.

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