Technology Advances: What to Do With Your Old Gadgets

We’ve all been victims at one time or another of becoming behind in technology. While it may sound silly, many people feel the need to buy every new piece of technology that comes out. With the rate at which tablets, smartphones, and computers are updated, this makes it nearly a full time job to keep up with the changes.

How often do you update your gadgets? Regardless of how often you update your gadgets, you still need to do something about your old, broken, or outdated technology. So what do you do? Here are quite a few options to consider:

Craigslist – selling your gadgets on Craigslist can be quick, easy, and you can have cash in your hand immediately. Craigslist does require that you exercise a great deal of caution though, many ads and replies can be scams. However, I have found that there are many legitimate buyers who tend to pay top dollar for gadgets in good condition.

Ebay – Ebay has some of the same caveats as Craigslist, though it is far more regulated. You can sell your items auction style and let other users bid, or you can set a price and use the Buy It Now feature. Either way, electronics do tend to sell well on Ebay.

Amazon – retail giant Amazon has recently joined the fray of electronic buy-back companies. Pros of using Amazon definitely include their expertise in the field. Amazon does everything that they do quite well. Downsides would include dealing with shipping. 

Sept13_Post 2Gazelle – Gazelle only buys certain kinds of electronics; until recently they only bought Apple products but have recently expanded to Android based tablets and phones as well. Gazelle will mail you a pre-paid box, you put your gadget in and mail it back. They then evaluate the condition and pay you accordingly. You can opt for PayPal, a traditional check, or an Amazon gift card.

Apple – If Apple is the only product you will buy and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of other people, Apple is reportedly planning on starting to take trade-ins.  While this is not yet official, it could help sweeten the deals of other competitors and let you get a better deal.

With the ongoing communications revolution, technology will continue to evolve at a fast rate.  If you always want to have the latest and greatest, use some of the above sites to help you afford it.

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