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Business Marketing Consultant and Social Media Innovator 

Prolific speaker, writer, marketing and social media innovator Jure Klepic, specializes in marketing strategy and social media innovation for consumer business.


As marketer behind successful brands like Givenchy, YSL, Chanel, Lancaster, Jure looks at products differently to boldly crystallize marketing strategies that strongly resonate with consumers.


Through his “Unspoken” blog, consulting work, books and speaking engagements he reveal the secrets of what it means to be a social media influencer and how to use this knowledge to bring innovation to marketing plans.


He believes that social media is one of the fastest society-changing phenomenon seen in our lifetime. Through this website and his work, Jure hope to “poke” marketing planners into taking a new look at influence and innovation so they can use social media to get results.


"In Social Media popularity is not influence and influence is not popularity"


As a speaker, writer, innovator and educator, Jure uses humor, common sense and a rational approach to analyze and teach about how social media impacts our lives today. Relying on over fifteen years of international marketing and innovation experience, he brings a fresh look to learning how to cope and grow in this dynamic communications environment.



Jure brings his marketing insights and cultural-anthropological understandings of social media to audiences worldwide, teaching attendees how to generate profitable growth and increase competitive advantage in today's digital world. He provides new perspectives on finding the concealed culture behind consumer behavior and understanding cultural codes in ways that can catapult an idea from innovation to icon.


Listed as one of the Top Ten Influencers in Social Media, clients appreciate his forthrightness and integrity in helping to crystallize their social media and marketing strategies, so they can realize the maximum impact possible from today’s online influence tools.


As partner at Lucule in New York, Jure now works with companies to shine a brighter light on brands worldwide.

Jure is contributor to Huffington Post, and his work has been published on 12most.com, business2community.com, examiner.com National, and SocialMediaToday.com.

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