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How to Use Social Media for Marketing Research

Social media has had a massive impact on marketing and the way that consumers view businesses. While many businesses are taking part in social media marketing, many fail to see the market research potential that the platform offers as well. These tips and tricks offer simple, easy to implement ways to turn social media into a powerful marketing research tool.


Building A Real Twitter Community At #SXSW with Nestivity

We’ve heard it time and time again: Twitter is a great community-building tool. And I agree, in part – there is the potential for Twitter to be a fantastic place for deep, meaningful connections and powerful communities. But it’s not quite there yet.
The reality is, the majority of tweets go unanswered. The Acquity Group studied the behavior of Interbrand’s 2012 Best Retail Brands and found them lacking on Twitter. A full 73 percent of customer tweets were ignored. Despite thousands of consumers reaching out, wanting to engage brands, those brands simply don’t respond.


Five Steps to Start Innovating

Have you ever thought about how great innovators are able to come up with new insights that lead to brilliant ideas? It’s no coincidence. Utilizing observations, experiences, facts and emotions, while examining their…

Red Thread Thinking

The Red Thread Approach to Innovation

Life is full of challenges and sometimes we can lose perspective (and enthusiasm). A lack of belief in ourselves and what we can accomplish can stand in the way of long-term success. Instead of shying away from our potential, we have to embrace it. All of us have the ability to tap our own knowledge and resources to develop ideas that lead to innovative improvements to everyday life. All you need is a little faith and the right set of tools.


Brand Books And Seminars For Word Of Mouth

Learning is an ongoing process that every business owner partakes in. We tune, adjust, and apply new methods to our business models. But where do we get these ideas from? Some are inherently learned through our own practices, while others are taught by those that have endured them before.

Think Like Zuck

Think Like Zuck: 5 Business Success Secrets from the Great Leaders of Our Time

At the age of 28, Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s 29-richest person and his company Facebook has over one billion users worldwide, only eight years after it was set up. Yet Zuckerberg “never wanted to run a company,” he said. “To me a business is a good vehicle for getting stuff done.”

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 11.02.02 AM

Those Who Influence Me ~ Merry Christmas

We talk a lot about what it means to be influential and often focus on the scientific and business aspects of influence as they apply to the internet and social media. But at this time of year we need to take some time to put that logical reasoning aside, look at who influences us personally, and think about what that means for us in the coming year.

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