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Simple and Efficient Marketing

What does it take to be the best? That’s the question you should be asking. In an era where steady streams of information flow into the palm of your hand with a simple…

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Don’t Just Stay In the Game, Win It: Strategies for Small Business Success

Think fast: Why do most new small businesses fail? According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), the top reasons are as simple as they are avoidable: lack of capital, poor management of credit, and lack of experience. This last point may be the most daunting. After all, how do you get experience other than going through the hard work of trying and failing? But fortunately, savvy small business owners will work to learn from the experiences of others to stay competitive with their business rivals and secure customers, capital, and ultimately, financial success.


The Best Cloud Computing Apps

Cloud computing has transformed the way we do everything. From business to pleasure, the ‘anytime, anywhere’ availability of these apps makes sharing, collaborating and staying on top of things simple, providing everyone with the sophisticated technology that used to be beyond the reach of the Ordinary Joe.

Stop the Malware

Could This Be The End of Computer Viruses?

Bromium has developed the vSentry software to run on Windows 7 computers. In the future they expect to take great strides within the PC security arena that will be able to benefit everybody who uses advanced computer systems. This could save people a huge amount of time, money, and hassle with problems associated with security.

Why absence management matters – and how HR software can help

The Cost of Employee Absences A 2011 survey of absence by the CBI calculated that non-attendance at work costs the UK economy £17bn annually. While that figure is impressive, one more relevant to…

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Strategic Marketing of Managing Expectations

Let’s try to apply this wisdom to Product Marketing and Marketing Strategy. For example, your company expects a product to generate specific and positive cash flow over a period of its life, and your customers expect the product to reliably perform functions you have promised them in your marketing communications.

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Social Media Monitoring vs. Customer Intelligence Analytics

Based on the questions I often get from marketing practitioners after the webinars and group speaking engagements, there is a considerable confusion about a difference between SSM and Customer Intelligence methodologies. Below is my first attempt to establish a clear demarcation line between the two approaches. Please help to refine this matrix with your feedback, comments and disagreements.

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