The Way People Read Google Results Has Changed, but Does it Matter

The Way People Read Google Results Has Changed, but Does it Matter?

When the Google search engine first hit computer screens, it was unlike anything that had been seen before when it came to indexing the world’s information. The way Google Search looked back then and the way it looks today are worlds apart, of course, and the original search engine look seems archaic by today’s standards.

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How the @ and the #hashtag Took Over Social Media

In social media, using the @ symbol to mention a person and the # hashtag to label things have become incredibly popular, to the point that most of us may have trouble remembering what the world was like before their rampant use. The @ symbol made its debut on Twitter in 2006 and Facebook added the ability to mention people using the @ symbol in 2009.

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Is Social Media Mainstream?

Lately it seems like everyone has a presence on social media. Personally, I can only think of one person in my social circle who doesn’t have any social media accounts, and frankly, I think it’s weird. But is social media truly mainstream?

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Technology Advances: What to Do With Your Old Gadgets

We’ve all been victims at one time or another of becoming behind in technology. While it may sound silly, many people feel the need to buy every new piece of technology that comes out. With the rate at which tablets, smartphones, and computers are updated, this makes it nearly a full time job to keep up with the changes.

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Life “Hacks”

While web-surfing this week, I came across an article on Business Insider about “life hacks,” aka advice offered by entrepreneurs about how to increase productivity by changing simple things about your day to day routine. The term “life hack” is relatively new. There is actually a whole website dedicated to life hacks –

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Simple SEO Tips

So you’ve decided to start a website for your business. You hire a designer, design a great looking site. You find a reputable company to host your site. You get a great URL. You go live with your site. So why isn’t your awesome website getting any traffic?

Usually the answer is simple; people can’t find you! Just because your site is out there on the web doesn’t mean that it is easy to find and will show up in search results immediately. Sure, your friends, family and colleagues may read your site, but you’ll need more traffic than that to get notices.


The Best Cloud Computing Apps

Cloud computing has transformed the way we do everything. From business to pleasure, the ‘anytime, anywhere’ availability of these apps makes sharing, collaborating and staying on top of things simple, providing everyone with the sophisticated technology that used to be beyond the reach of the Ordinary Joe.

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