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With today’s internet marketing opportunities and social media outlets, there are vast opportunities for businesses to succeed and fail. Entrepreneurs who want to start or grow a business must understand multi-dimensional and be innovative or they will be one of those that fail. Don’t just hold on with your business – let Jure help you so your business can break out to success.

The critical mistake that too many failed brands make is not considering history and cultural concerns, and then making the right connections based on deeper observations and insights of human behavior when crafting marketing and social media strategies. That’s just one advantage that Jure – “social media innovator” – helps you do. Once you appreciate the culture and background of your prospects and consumers, you can play into their behaviors instead of trying to change them. Instead of investing huge amounts in social media marketing campaigns only to see them fizzle because habits are difficult to change without a lot of time and money, why not tap into what’s deeply ingrained in society to help explode your business to iconic status?

Jure shows businesses large and small how to analyze their market based on the underlying culture, consumer reaction and history to uncover new connections between phenomena you didn’t realize were linked for a fresh understanding of situations and possibilities.  Once you understand these techniques, you can begin finding new platforms and implementing multi-dimensional marketing strategy. Jure then takes your ideas and helps “power-punch” them to bring your business to the next level. Turn to Jure for consulting or training on:


MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY: innovative a tailor-made strategic planning process that will provide your business with a step-by-step plan to improve your presence on social media, identify and utilize social media metrics more effectively, and incorporate the power of social media influencers into your overall marketing – social media- strategy.

SOCIAL MEDIA AUDITS: learn the hidden truths behind the metrics being used to analyze your social media marketing results. Using the more effective metric of the social media influencer, learn how to analyze your current program and compare its effectiveness against the strategies of your competitors. You’ll receive detailed, action-oriented social media marketing recommendations you can use to improve your performance and increase your visibility.

SOCIAL MEDIA SCORECARDS: Discover what matters and what doesn’t matter when it comes to measuring social media effectiveness. By focusing only on the metrics that really matter, you’ll be able to sharpen your marketing strategies and hone in on the most desired target audience for your product or service.

SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING: Follow and advise you on how your clients’ brands, products or services are faring in the social media universe.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: Establish a social media presence for clients on the most effective platforms.

INFLUENCE ACTIVATION: Identify those who can change behavior and incite action on behalf of your clients.

LEAD GENERATION: Find prospective customers and buyers for your clients.

CONTENT GENERATION: Keep the blogs, Facebook pages, Tweets and other forms of social media fresh and interactive.

CUSTOM CAMPAIGNS: Build marketing campaigns using social media influencers to achieve the desired marketing and sales goals for your clients.


History often repeats itself. That’s why it’s essential to drill deep into the existing knowledge base – past research, reports and background – to decipher nuances and bring clarity to contradictions from an anthropological point of view so facts and underlying motivations are viewed in a new context and true innovation can occur.

Trends give deeper perspective into what’s influencing consumers, which in turn help to uncover emerging attitudes and behaviors. Knowing what’s on the cusp of being big in the market is an essential component of any project and primary source of inspiration for future opportunities.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. That’s why we cast a wide net to incite creative thought by looking beyond the category and into analogous businesses around the world.

Staring at a blank page isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re here to help kickoff the ideation session with a pre-made workbook of mini-concepts to use as a springboard for the day.

We will facilitate a Fusion Workshop – to develop a comprehensive range of new products/services, along with a multi-functional client team.

This phase takes all the countless ideation ideas generated during the innovation day and filters them through a fast-paced proprietary focus group methodology to gain further consumer insight and maximize the most promising ideas.

Being innovative and successful is not reserved for a few special people. Jure and his team can show you the way to weave together connections to create profitable multi-dimensional marketing strategies and  to help your business click with consumers, stand out from the competition, and achieve brand success.

London SEO Expert
London SEO Expert

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Ryan Patrick

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Farhan Fawzer

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business success tips 01

awesome tips!..using social media for marketing campaign really help you to achieve the desired marketing and sales goals..

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