Jure Klepic speaks at industry conferences, training sessions and corporate gatherings around the world on topics designed to help jumpstart marketing thinking and understanding of today’s trends of social marketing. With a style that leans toward serious, with a touch of quirky and creative thrown in, he inspires audiences to find the hidden solution to every problem. Weaving together hard-earned marketing insights with sound business acumen, he leads attendees on a step-by-step path to marketing and business enlightenment. Ask Jure a question, and he’ll take the time to answer in a thoughtful, considered way that helps you find the answer you didn’t even know you already knew!


TOPICS Jure speaks about:

  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Influence
  • Web Privacy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Analytics and Metrics

Or suggest a topic that will be of particular interest to your audience


  • Take Multi-Dimmensional Marketing to the Next Level
  • Social Media is more than just Social & Media – social media cube
  • The Paradox of Online Influence
  • Influence – The Bellwether of Popular Culture
  • Creating and Implementing Social Media Strategies
  • Stop Talking About Technology – Start Building Community
  • Become a Social Business
  • Protect Yourself From Yourself on Social Media
  • Anthropology and Online Influence
  • Welcome to TwitterVille
  • You Are In Relationship With People, Not Tools
  • Social Media’s Impact in Today’s Lives
Attendees often say that Jure’s input not only helped them solve social media – marketing problems, it also provided prods needed to inspire, motivate, engage and enthuse. Jure is know to “poke” marketers who just repeat the same tired old industry rhetoric.
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