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Social Media Monitoring vs. Customer Intelligence Analytics

Based on the questions I often get from marketing practitioners after the webinars and group speaking engagements, there is a considerable confusion about a difference between SSM and Customer Intelligence methodologies. Below is my first attempt to establish a clear demarcation line between the two approaches. Please help to refine this matrix with your feedback, comments and disagreements.

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Become Social in Social Media With Jugnoo

Many businesses today can benefit from using social media influencers to help inform and motivate others about their product or service. The major problem, though, is finding the right tool to point out the influencers who have the most likelihood of being helpful for your cause. Choose the wrong tool and you could be wasting a lot of time and money, while your competition is making sales. Most sites, which promise to measure social media influence, like Klout, are simply measuring popularity instead. It seemed like we would never have a tool that would truly be able to find these critical influencers, but along comes Jugnoo, the new on-demand social CRM platform (mobile and web) in the cloud.

Influence Met Transparency with @Kred

The simplest way to describe Kred is Transparency, Relevancy & Community. Kred is not a judge and was not born to judge people based on Kred. Kred is not scoring us. Kred will not make us feel special one day and miserable the next. You have control of your it yourself. Kred shows us that everyone has influence in their own unique areas of expertise. Kred is helping us to grow our community and to become more social. Kred is influence with transparency.

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