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Klout the Final Chapter

Once Upon a Time With Klout….The Final Chapters

“We believe influence is the ability to drive action.”
Since when did the premise that simply “believing” something give one the ability to define anything as true? If I believe that chocolate makes one hungry, is that the “Standard” of hunger?
How can we trust our reputations and our own brands to a company who simply “believes” they are the standard measurement in which only their “belief” defines what it is that they measure? Be very careful. Klout is playing a very dangerous game with our brands. Klout maintains their claim that they are not selling our data. However, I will make a case today that will show you that Klout not only sells our data but also engages in activity that is a direct breach of the terms and conditions of Twitter’s public API.


Is Klout On The Way Out?

In my opinion and the opinion of many, Klout is a game of online manipulation and popularity. There is no indication that Klout measures influence. However, it is clearly seen that the once respected Klout score is now measuring popularity, supports spam and gathering information to enhance their Klout Perks program.


Manipulating Influence Scores Makes No Sense at All

Influence is not: The number of friends or followers you have, the number of retweets or replies, likes and comments you receive. It is not the number of posts you write, nor the number of blogs and subscribers you’ve gathered. It is not your page rank number. It is not the number of Stumbles, or your job title. It is not the number of books you’ve read or written, and it is definitely not the your Klout Score.

Is Klout Really Accessing Your Protected Tweets?

Over the weekend I checked hundreds of protected Twitter accounts that also were unregistered with Klout. I was shocked to discover that all the protected, unregistered accounts had a Klout profile complete with assigned topics and Klout scores as low as 10 but also as high as 77.

12 Most Wrong Things To Do On LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn? It is a social media platform used for professional networking. It is also currently the largest professional networking community in existence, with more than 100 million users in more than 200 countries worldwide.

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