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Become a People Person

How to Utilize Technology to Become a People Person

Sometimes working on getting more face to face time in is easily done. Instead of emailing or texting a co-worker, get up from your desk and go chat with them about what is happening in the office. Make a point to get together with a friend for lunch and request that it be a cell-phone free date. In a small business environment, having a face to face meeting with your employees to chat about what is going on that day, week, or even month can help to facilitate great conversation. Instead of being short and to the point, like an email or text message would be, this gives employees an opportunity to share and discuss ideas organically.

The Social Media Cube

Taking Multi-Dimensional Marketing to Next Level

Looking at a message and trying to achieve the same communication in each object or screen is increasingly myopic. Context is critical because more and more our attention is split between distinct activities in more than one device. It’s about in which object the message is viewed and its timing, because we have different mindsets in different moments. Object goes back to understanding culture, because throughout history the objects we choose have always defined us, while timing relates to utilizing our constantly evolving understanding of the workings of the human brain. In traditional marketing, the belief was that the human brain is only capable of processing so much data and can be overwhelmed when too much information is thrown at it.

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Social Media Is Much More Than Just Social and Media

To be most effective in social media, it is helpful to think of its components as forming a cube, with social and media as two of the sides. The additional sides of this cube are object and timing. In modern society, we choose to have our objects define us. In other words, objects such as cars, houses, iPads, etc. define who we are as much as our actions do. “We buy watches not just to tell time, but to have a good time. We buy sunglasses not just to see better, but to be seen.” explains Debra Kaye an award winning innovation expert.

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The Unspoken Truth About Influential Liars

As Judge Judy says, “How do you know when teenagers are lying? Their lips are moving!” Does a similar test apply in the social universe today…“How do you know when online influencers are lying? Their Klout scores are rising!” By taking the actions necessary to be seen as experts or influencers many online users lie, either intentionally or unintentionally. If Klout says Retweets and likes will raise your score that may subconsciously motivate users to come up with something that is “likable,” even though it may not be the truth. It’s a lie that a high Klout score means someone is a star, an influencer, or an expert because those scores can be manipulated as easily as the media.

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